Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Sermon on CNN

Sing with me right quick…

There’s a God who knows it all
There’s a God who knows it all
He rules all land- all power in his Hands…
There’s a God who knows it all…

I was up just before my 4:30 alarm this morning and I decided to finally listen to Sis. Judy Scott- Walter’s mother’s comments made after the decision on the courthouse steps yesterday and I was not greeted this morning by the pity party that I expected…instead I was greeted by a sermon. I’ve heard theologically educated clergypersons deliver weaker messages than Sis. Judy's on Sunday morning.

Sis. Judy quoted Psalms 27 (Wait on the Lord, be of good courage)
 Sis. Judy quoted Daniel 3 (The God I serve is able)
Sis. Judy quoted Hebrews 12 (Surrounded by a cloud of witnesses)
Sis. Judy quoted Psalm 37 (Rest in the Lord)
Sis. Judy quoted Nehemiah 8 (The joy of the Lord is my strength)

And Sis. Judy closed with a celebration worthy of any revival- extolling the Jesus in her and how she’s been born again and has no worries about what man says or how things look because it isn’t over until God says that it’s over…let the church say AMEN, someone hit the Hammond and let’s open this altar…but I reckon there’s one detail that I left off…Sis. Judy preached this word on CNN’s airwaves. Quick question. When is the last time that you’ve heard a sermon on FOX News? MSNBC? Bloomberg? No non believing director would dare cut to commercial as this grieving Mother took her text(s) and proclaimed “thus saith the Lord…” I started thinking about how many folks were helped by Sis. Judy’s hurt and I’m not trying to criticize or critique any of my friends and family that were so angry at the result of this round but I really did ask myself…if Slager had been found guilty of the charges levied against him, would Sis. Judy have been able to preach the way she did? I was reminded during my drive in to work this morning that a good deal of ministry is born out of misery.

Jacob, running from Esau after stealing his inheritance is a millionaire with only a rock for a pillow but when he goes to sleep, God allows him to see angels ascending and descending on a stairway that we have since stylized as “Jacob’s Ladder”. Jacob wakes up, acknowledges the presence and power of God and dedicates that land as Bethel- but Jacob’s ministry was born in misery.

Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego were criticized and villified for not bowing down to false gods- they were given the opportunity to sell out several times but their refrain remained that the God they serve is able to save them and even if God chooses not to save them, they still were not willing to compromise their character. The 3 Hebrew boys’ ministry was born out of the misery of the furnace.

Daniel was given a date in the den of lions simply because he would not alter his prayer life or the subject of his prayers. Daniel survives the lion’s den and his new ministry was born out of this awful misery.

Paul warned the folks against sailing into a hurricane and just as he said, the boat breaks apart- even to the point where some have to sail to shore on the broken pieces of the ship- to make matters worse, Paul is building a fire to attend to those injured in the shipwreck and as he does so, a poisonous snake bites him on the arm. Paul is able to shake the snake off into the fire and suffer no ill effects but his ministry was birthed in misery.

So what about you? What are you fussing about on Facebook today? What are your troubles that you are sharing on Twitter? What are you Igging about on Instagram currently? Is there any silver lining in your cloud? Where is the bright side and more importantly, where is the space for the hand of God in the middle of your despair? Church Folk  Christians, we’ve seen it all you know…we’ve seen hurt, heartache, heartbreak, trouble, turmoil, sickness, disease, war, rumor of war, layoff, felony, misdemeanor, indictment, no indictment (you name it). There is however one thing that we still haven’t seen- we’ve never seen the righteous forsaken…and we never will. I do not know your story, I do not know your situation, your pain or your sorrow- but if you’ve been saved- I do know your God and I know that if your problem is too big for you- then your problem is just right for God. I don’t know what ministry will make it out of your misery but this much I do know- Mom sang me to sleep many times with these words…

He didn’t bring us this far to leave us…
He didn’t teach us to swim to let us drown
He didn’t build a home for us to move away

He didn’t pick us up to let us down.

God's Best Be With You Always,

Rev. Sterling J. Dowling

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hillary Lost...And I'm Glad About It!

I remember the first time I saw the phrase “GOTV”. I was 21 or so and actively working for the South Carolina Democratic Party in their coordinated campaign. It was my job to deliver Orangeburg, Calhoun and Bamberg counties for Gov. Hodges and the ticket in the 2002 statewide election and a group of us had been called together to meet on a Saturday and Sunday to receive intense trainings in the machinations of campaign work. We covered polling. We covered canvassing. We covered organizing. We covered phone banking and the last item that was in our binders that had the largest amount of time devoted to it was labeled simply “GOTV”. I privately asked my friend who was handling another portion of SC what those initials stood for because I was 1) Afraid of being embarrassed publicly and 2) I wanted some knowledge of the subject matter before we discussed it and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said Get Out The Vote…I had to redeem myself so I started researching on our (dial-up) campaign computers…and I saw tons of Democratic led GOTV efforts across the country. Detroit had a massive one, Chicago and Cleveland were nice. L.A. shut downtown down for theirs and the inquisitor in me typed “GOP GOTV” in the search engine…I got nothing. I modified my search and still swung and missed- I tried again and even again and again and still was coming up empty. I swallowed my pride and interrupted Craig again at the risk of sounding really ignorant- “Hey man, why is it that there are only Democrat GOTV efforts and our opposition doesn’t do them?” He turned towards me, stopped what he was doing and told me that I always ask the right questions. “The reason that we have GOTV efforts and budgets and church vans and coupons is that we have to beg our people to vote- all it takes for them to vote is an election.”

15 years removed and many things have changed but that remains the same. You want Democrats to vote?

It better not rain.
Or be cold.
Feed them.
Entertain them.
Cater to them.
Coddle them.
Include them in your platform.
Call their name in your speech.
Go to their church.
Say nice things about their Pastor.
Show up at Annual Conference.
Give them a yard sign.
Be at PTSA meeting.
Give Johnny $5 for making honor roll.
Take an ad out in their cousin’s daughter’s nephew’s newspaper.
Like their status.
Retweet them.
And the line can’t be over 6 minutes long…(because you know they gotta work).

You want a Republican to vote?

Schedule an election and have someone on the ballot with an “R” behind their name.


On Election Eve, in Philadelphia, 33,000 folks showed up to hear Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen perform. Would you like to know where most of their Republican friends and neighbors were? At home. Sleeping- because election days are marathons and not sprints. I wonder how many of the 33,000 were too tired to vote the next day, or whose feet hurt from standing out for hours cheering on the Boss or who figured they’d supported Hillary enough by going to her event that they didn’t have to bother with going to the ballot box? This game that we play every 2-4 years it isn’t checkers, it’s chess.

So, I’m glad Hillary lost. I voted for her, I supported her, I still think she was the better candidate but I’m glad she lost. I’m glad she lost because sometimes the only way to correct spoiled children is to take things away from them for a protracted amount of time. We haven’t been marginalized the way that Donald Trump is going to marginalize us in a long time. Please don’t be so quick to say we’ve never been marginalized like this- you’d offend George Wallace and Bull O’Connor. Somehow we got comfortable. We have 8 year old children who know nothing else than a man of color in a house that’s white. We have men who refer to men as their husband and women who call women their wives and we don’t flinch or even think twice. We don’t see Transgenders as threats, nor do we call them weirdos or any of a number of much more insulting terms…and we crossed our legs and thought that stuff was sweet. We thought that the sun would shine forever. We figured that because we had elected a black man to our nation's highest office, that the world had changed and we used phrases like “Post-Modern America” and “Gender Neutral and “Post-Racial Society” we used terms like that as if the devil had given up. We said that stuff and won awards with our writings as if Jim Crow had died.

Child Please.

So, we have 2-4 years that we are going to have to do without some stuff. If we get real mad and get real organized and are really “woke” it will only take 2 years, until the mid-term elections to register, stand, wait and vote for like minded individuals in all seats of the House of Representatives in Congress and a portion of the U.S. Senate as well. We are a little over 700 days away from starting the process of fixing the madness that we just got ourselves into.

 We’ll get stopped and frisked for 2 years- don’t get mad, vote. 

We’ll lose some undocumented friends back to their homelands- don’t get mad, vote. 

Our Sisters and Mothers will lose some rights over their own bodies that they enjoy now- don’t get mad, vote. 

Planned Parenthood will be defunded- don’t get mad, vote. 

We won’t have any voice on the Supreme Court- don’t get mad, vote.

 Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Guiliani may well be in the President's cabinet- don’t get mad, vote.

When we vote, we will be able to place the Legislative and Executive branches of government into progressive hands.

When we vote, we will be able to hand the reins of leadership over to Cory Booker or Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris or Tammy Duckworth or Martin O’Malley and because of Tuesday’s debacle, we’ll be able to do it 4 years ahead of schedule.

So thanks for staying home ya’ll. Thanks for chillin and not being about that life on Election Day. ‘Preciate it.  Now we’re about to catch pure-d-hell. Democrats are going to “Feel the Burn” after all huh? Do me one favor…remember how it feels to fail. Remember how it feels every press conference, news conference, State of the Union that our newly elected President holds…and purpose in your heart that he will be a one-term circus act aberration.

Meet me at the Heart of Abbeville in 2 years, we’ll be handing out Dr. Scholl’s insoles, warm blankets and umbrellas for your comfort at the polls. The rest my friends is on you.

I love you (I know that didn't feel like it but I do).
 I'd love to be your Pastor.
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God's Best Be With You Always,

Rev. Sterling J. Dowling

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Grab a Woman

There's a little cut out piece of grass on South Carolina State University's campus that's between MLK Auditorium and Turner Hall- it slopes down and leads to the back of the facilities and has very little purpose other than as a cut through- in fact,I doubt many students don't even recognize that it is what it is- it isn't useful, isn't functional and was honestly probably left there by mistake- it serves no sensible function...but one night it really helped out a broke college student from Orangeburg.

It was my first semester home at State after transferring from Morehouse to help out around the house with Granny's dementia. I had picked up a young lady for a date and we hit either House of Pizza or Antley's or the old Central Park and came back to campus and just walked around. We had known each other for some time and had flirted before so I tried it...I invited her over to this narrow strip of land and although we had no blanket, she sat right down next to me and we looked up at the night sky together. Now if you know me...really know me, you know that I don't necessarily appreciate nature as much as I should, but I LOVE being outside at night- and so I must have stopped carrying on conversation for the first time that night and as I'm (literally) star gazing, I look over and she's holding out a penny (for my thoughts)...I blabber something to her and then I remembered I had change in my pocket (all I had was change in my pocket) and I offer her a nickel (for her kiss)...she smiles- her dimples pop- and she says..."I'm not kissing you Sterling, you're a nice guy but you're not my man and I don't want to ruin our friendship." More star gazing, more small talk, I had church in the morning so I walk her back to Truth Hall and hug her good night.

If we were having this conversation in person, I'd ask you to look me in my eyes and I'd explain to you that I'm no Saint...and I've made many, many mistakes and in addition to my mistakes, I've also made  a few "on purposes"...but I've never tried to impose my will on any young lady...the same way a stolen dollar would feel strange in my pocket, I believe a stolen kiss would feel strange on my lips.

So I've never arbitrarily grabbed a woman's person for gratification or exploitation but let's be clear, there are ways to grab women and be guaranteed that they like it...

We can grab the door when we see them walking in a building behind us.

We can grab the gas pump/air compressor/windshield squeegee when we see a sister struggling at the gas station.

We can grab a bag or two at the grocery store as they buckle their baby in the car seat.

We can grab their attention when we put belts around our waist, starch in our collars and soap on our behinds

We can grab their respect when we finish what we start, keep our word and love our families.

We can grab their admiration when we set the standard, live up to the standard and hold a funeral for our excuses.

We can grab the check when it comes to the table and add the 20% that society expects us to leave off.

We can grab the keys on our way out the door to get the oil changed.

We can grab some slippers when we gather the trash to put on the curb.

We can grab the light bill, cable bill, gas bill, grocery billl...ESPECIALLY if we helped run it up.

We can grab our cell phones when we wake up and text "good morning" to let them know they're thought of.

We can grab our ears and just listen to the events of their day...just...listen...

I agree with the aggressors in one respect however- sometimes you just have to lay hands on these women- and when you do so- when they frustrate you to no end- when they snap on you and they are wrong- when they jump to conclusions- when they nag and pester and even belittle- grab them- it's ok to grab them!

Grab them by their hands, bow your head and lead them in prayer.

Our neighborhoods, our churches, our families, our communities are starving for real, solid men. 

Feed them.

I love you and I'd love to be your Pastor. 

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God's Best Be With You Always,

Rev. Sterling J. Dowling

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Gospel: Evolution or Extinction...Because Sometimes it Really Does Take All That

I can only imagine when the Donnie McClurkin of the cotton field was ministering in song while under the harsh lash of his slave owner and one of the brothers began to slap his hand against his bag of crops on beat with the tune- that some pious slave somewhere rebuked him and told him..."let Donnie sing on his own- it don't take all that..."

When we evolved to "brush arbors" and were able to worship in a structure of tied together twigs and the Marvin Sapp of the manual labor era would be leading us in a tune and some rhythm sensitive brother would begin to tap one twig against another as if playing a drum- there was some scary someone that corrected him quickly with..."Marvin can carry his own tune- it don't take all that..."

Sooner or later freedom reigned and we built churches and after a while those churches actually had electricity inside of them and a brother named Hammond designed an organ and I wasn't there but something tells me that the first time Thomas Dorsey saw, touched, felt that organ- there just may have been one or two in the congregation that lost their cool points, shook their head and either whispered or said out loud..."he know good and well it don't take all that..."

So some person wrote some piece about "Satan becoming the worship leader" If you need help falling asleep tonight, you can read it here:


The writer was attempting to make the point that modern gospel is inspiring a generation of confused Christians that can't decipher "Amazing Grace" from "Bump and Grind". It appears as if the writer's argument is that new age gospel music has so much bass, so much bump, so much thump that new age gospel can be played in and appreciated at the club as much as it's appreciated at the church...

I reckon I have a two word response to someone who has an issue with music that transitions well between Saturday night 11:00 and Sunday morning 11:00...

So What?

I'm not sure- I'm not trying to be glib or create shock or be edgy- but I'm really not sure how many of our churches that Jesus would visit on Sunday morning if he were still roaming this earth. Jesus wasn't much for religious formality. Jesus wasn't big on pomp and circumstance. Jesus wasn't the stoic, stuck up killjoy that we go out of our way to portray him to be so I'm not sure how much Jesus would visit our churches...but I can see Jesus walking into our nightclubs. I can see it and if you've read your Bible, then you can see it too- 

Jesus said that he came for the lost sheep of Israel.

 Jesus said that it's not those who are well who need a doctor but those who are sick. 

The church actually was angry at Jesus because Jesus not only hung out with the sinners but Jesus ate with them...guess they were at the Waffle House after the club...

Jesus changed the life of the prostitute Mary Madgalene.

 Jesus changed the life of a woman who had entertained too many husbands at the well. 

Jesus said if he had a church of 100, then he would leave 99 in the middle of worship and go to where the missing one was.

Here's my point: I grew up listening to a pipe organ every Sunday. I know the hymnal better than I know the alphabet. I grew up a fan of the hymns of the church- and my love for tradition was almost the death of my ministry because I became too rigidly regimented. I have believed and believe still that they hymns are the foundation of the church and I believe that because I used to hear 5 of them every Sunday but if St. James' DOVE dancers (the best doggone praise dance troupe in SC) has to dance to "That's What I Told the Storm" in 2015 in order for them to develop an appreciation for "Guide Me O, Thou Great Jehovah" in 2025, that's a small price to pay.

Sure a few of the contemporary Gospel artists are a bit "extra"- there are rampant rumors of homosexuality, adultery and fornication. There are Gospel artists who have felonies and divorces and battle alcoholism and other addictions- that is the reality of today's Gospel music industry. 

I would be quick to condemn them if I didn't travel the church. When I cross the length and breadth of just South Carolina- I encounter rampant rumors of homosexuality, adultery and fornication. In my home state, I encounter Christians with felonies and divorces and those who battle alcoholism and other addictions.

The Gospel industry is no longer made up of pristine choir robes and glossy figures who lord over us from their ivory towers of purity. The Gospel industry is made up now of flawed individuals...just like the folks who buy their music- just  like the folks who sit in pews and just like the folks who occupy pulpits.

 There will always be room for improvement in God's church- I know that because it is made up of sinful, flawed individuals. We will always be able to do better because we will always fall down and fall short. I choose to apply my energies to the least, the last and the lost among us. I choose to resist the urge to be prudish in my worship and conduct and to focus more on how it helps and less on how it looks.

I'll leave you with this hymn- quoted from memory of course thanks to my upbringing...

Rescue the perishing
Care for the dying
Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave
Weep o'er the erring one
Lift up the fallen
Tell them of Jesus the mighty to save

Rescue the perishing
Care for the dying
Jesus is merciful
Jesus will save.

I love you and I'd love to be your Pastor. Meet us each Thursday at 12:30 and 7:00 PM for Bible Study at 888-628-8983. We worship each Sunday at our 9:45 Church School and 11:00 Morning Worship in the Heart of Abbeville, SC at 203 Henry M. Turner Street. We meet for evening prayer each Sunday evening at 8:00 on the above conference call number.

God's Best be With You Always,

Rev. Sterling J. Dowling

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Safest Place in the Whole Wide World (Still)

The views expressed in this piece and all other writings are my views and mine alone. I have been privileged to serve for the last 11 years as a Pastor in the A.M.E. Church and while I preach every Sunday in an A.M.E. Church, I do not and will never claim to speak FOR the A.M.E. Church.

It's no secret that I go to bed extremely early. I dozed off well before 9:00 tonight and my spouse woke me up at around 10:30 with the news of this tragedy that has consumed and engulfed us all. The church is in mourning. We are sad, we are confused, we are hurting, we are suffering and we are devastated. I haven't cried yet- not really- had a half moment here and a semi-moment there but I haven't cried yet. I was about to cry, really wanted to cry but then I felt this in my spirit...

The best place to have a heart attack is in the Emergency Room.

The best place to have a flat tire is in front of Firestone.

The best place to have a hunger pang is in front of a full refrigerator.


If death is a door that we all must walk through.

If we are all living this life just to live again.

If none of us make it out of life alive.

If to live is Christ and to die is gain...


The best place to leave this world is in God's house, around God's people in the midst of doing God's work.

What better trip can we take?

What smoother transition can we make?

Is this not leaving God's house only to enter into God's hands?

We are not unsafe in the church- we are not at war in the church- we are not under siege in the church because someone brought a gun into the church and used a gun inside of the church. God's word is true and is steadfast and is unmovable and is always abounding inside of us- let me remind those who are nervous, fearful and afraid of Matthew 16:18:

"...Upon this rock, I will build my church
And the gates of hell
Shall not prevail against it..."

My dear friend and colleague in ministry would put it this way- these are his words- "God didn't say that hell wouldn't come, God just said that hell wouldn't win."

You are safe, secure and protected in the arms of God and in the house of God. The devil will run out of bullets before God runs out of angels.

God's Best be With You Always,

Rev. Sterling J. Dowling

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Golden State Warriors and the Beauty of Intentional Rest

I am most uniquely unqualified to compose this piece because while I did take a few days off last week, I will work seven (7) days this week and while it's only Wednesday, my legs are already starting to feel like jelly and I haven't yet been able to shake off the 11 hour drive home from the Nation's capital on Sunday.

Rest is such a tricky proposition for those of us who find ourselves in the rat race. We see rest, we admire rest, we pursue rest but standing in the way of the fatigue in our bodies and the rest that we desire is often a little rascal known as responsibility.

Fatigue says take the day off.
Responsibility says time waits for no man.

Fatigue says "I don't want to"
Responsibility says "You have to"

Fatigue says "go to the couch"
Responsibility says "go to work"

Fatigue got the best of me temporarily on last night so I found  myself nodding most of the game before finally waking up in earnest for the last half of the NBA season. I shook off the cobwebs and one thing was immediately clear- Golden State was not necessarily the better team, they were just playing at a different speed than Cleveland. Golden State was getting to loose balls faster, they were out rebounding larger players, they were jumping higher and running faster and moving smoother than the home team and one pan of the camera to the sideline told the entire story for me...Stephen Curry, the league MVP was on the bench, resting, towel over head while LeBron James- Cleveland's best player was covered in sweat on the court as he had been for 98% of each minute played in the series.

LeBron's candle had been burned at both ends over the course of 6 games.
Curry's wick wasn't even burning, he looked like he was a glass jar candle sitting on a warmer.

It was a matter of time. Golden State closed out Cleveland in short order, partied on their opponents' home court and as much of a LeBron fan as I am, I was almost relieved that Cleveland could finally get some rest- it didn't look fun for them anymore out there.

The last few minutes of the Finals reminded me of a quote that's been haunting me for the last 3 weeks or so...

"Time is undefeated"

You and I are going to get fatigued sooner or later. You and I are going to run out of gas. You and I are going to have the "want to" but we may fall short in the "can do" department. Covenant with yourself to rest. Take yourself out of the game when you can for as long as you can. Utilize your bench- God gave you a support system of folks who love you, care for you and will pour you a glass of water if you only ask them to. Cleveland showed a cavalier attitude in this series by only rotating 8 men off of a 12 man roster- God gave you your team for a reason...put them to work! There is no shame in needing help (rest). The shame is in needing it and not asking for it. Until it is that we take care of ourselves, we will be in no position to take care of anyone else.

I love you and I would love to be your Pastor.

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God's Best be With You Always,

Rev. Sterling J. Dowling

Monday, June 15, 2015

God's Spoiled Little Children

I'm a guy. I am a guy's guy. I grill over charcoal, I love sports, I don't like long telephone conversations- in fact if you ever have me on a call over a half-hour, we're family...don't invite me to the reunion if you want to and see if I don't get an attitude...I'm a guy and because I'm a guy, I don't like asking for directions so we thank God for GPS devices- we thank God that we can type a few letters onto a screen and a few seconds later some magic voice from our speakers is telling us where to go and how to get there and how long it will take...so imagine my frustration then when I'm driving to D.C. and my device would tell me to take be in my right lane for a tenth of a mile then it would let me know I had to cross 6 lanes of traffic to take a left in another half mile...I was frustrated...my nerves were getting frayed because I felt like the little green character in the classic video game "Frogger" because all I was doing was dipping and dodging traffic trying not to get splattered on someones' windshield. I caught myself on Saturday morning on Pennsylvania Avenue trying to reconfigure my direction device to give me 2 directions at a time so I could better prepare myself for the road ahead...and it hit me...it hit me like the ton of bricks that Iman Shumpert has been shooting in the NBA Finals...

Sterling, you are spoiled!

I was on my way to a $80 brunch for 2, the morning after sitting 8 rows back from home plate at the Orioles game, the day after witnessing a wedding at the luxe Oxon Hill Manor overlooking the National Harbor and I'm complaining that the directions that were downloaded to my vehicle for my comfort are insufficient...C'MON MAN!

God told me to look around...and when I did, I saw bus stops- they'd been there the entire time you know but I was too busy enjoying my air conditioning to notice them. I looked again and a Metro train passed by overhead...those folks had to smell urine in the terminal to get from "Point A" to "Point B". I kept looking and I was passed by a car that had more exhaust than a little bit- black smoke poured out of it's rear- it wasn't road worthy in the least and could stop at any time and leave it's driver and passengers in distress...my engine on the other hand was purring...I looked one more time as I was convicted and felt horrible but this time when I looked...I saw folks walking- I saw folks on Pat and Charlie. I saw folks sweating in the heat of the District...while I was fussing about taking a left or a right next.

Are you reading this blog under the influence of air conditioning?

Have you eaten today?

Do you know where your next meal is coming from?

Clean water to drink perhaps?

Do you have a roof over your head?

Shoes on your feet?

Activity of your limbs?

Do you happen to know your name?

Are you reading this from the confines of a hospital bed?

Prison facility?

Mental institution?

Last question...when's the last time you thanked God...I'm not interested in the last time you prayed and asked God to bless you with something- asked God to heal your body or provide in your life- when's the last time you thanked God for every mountain that he's brought you over- when's the last time you thanked him for every valley he's pulled you through- when's the last time you just took a look around and realized- really, really realized that all of your good days outweigh your bad days so you:

1) Have no right to complain.

2) Sound like an entitled, self-righteous brat (just like I did) when you do.

"I had the blues because I had no shoes 
Until upon the street
I met a man 
That had no feet"
                             -Denis Waitley

I'd love to be your Pastor.

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God's Best Be With You Always,

Rev. Sterling J. Dowling